Rocking the Vote to Figure out how old my ex-Boss is

It’s probably not surprising that state governments can sometimes not care much about privacy and security on their websites. In this case, I was registering to vote on the official Washington site here: The authentication information is your name and date of birth… ok… W-I-L-L-I-A-M G-A-T-E-S

With a date of birth, you can see a voter’s address, and also the elections where he voted

As you can see, Jeff Bezos votes less often than Bill Gates since unlike Bill Gates, Mr Bezos skips primaries, special elections, and 2006

Around the office, it’s kind of a contest to figure out how old my ex-boss is. My co-workers have tried to use the old “let me see your gun license” trick, but meanwhile, I suck at social engineering. So WA voter registration website ftw!

I setup Burp Intruder to iterate on all the birthdays, placing the ex-boss in a range, like between 28 and 35. He has a relatively common name, but I also happen to know the neighborhood he lives in, so I can save these responses and come up with an exact date of birth. Just sort by size and look at all the valid addresses, in my case there were four hits but I can manually figure out which one is right.

and BAM, as long as he registered to vote now I have an age. It goes without saying this could also be used to extract street addresses, and times people have voted. Unfortunately although I found quite a few John Does at this point, it appears this particular John Doe failed to register to vote. When I asked him if he registered to vote, he confirmed he didn’t, that sneaky bastard.

Anyway, I’m not a fan of letting everyone in the world know my birthday and where I live and what elections I vote in. When I wrote Secretary Reed and mentioned I was concerned about this info all being available online, his office wrote back saying this is all apparently public record and there’s no way to opt out (and pointed at this: I think that kind of sucks Washington, but still, at least you’re not Idaho!

2 Responses to Rocking the Vote to Figure out how old my ex-Boss is

  1. so where do i go to get these public records if i don’t want to use burp intruder??? :)

  2. I’m lucky in Kenya we don’t have electronic records but beginning this year we will but it’s too risky to do this in Kenya they don’t care for white or black hats you are all hackers

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