websitebaker module: Random pic with text

This module includes a function you can call to randomly pick an image from a directory. It is based on a module written by John Maats, and I just added the captioning. 

Here is a link to the zip.

/* Random image snippet
   Call this nsippet with:
   RandomImage ('/media');
   in your template */

function RandomImage($dir) {
        //read folder and get the picture names
        while ($file = readdir($folder))
        $names[count($names)] = $file;

        //remove any non-images from array
        for ($i=0;$names[$i];$i++){
                if ($ext==&quot;.jpg&quot;||$ext==&quot;.gif&quot;||$ext==&quot;.png&quot;){

        srand ((double) microtime() * 10000000);
        $rand_keys = array_rand ($names1, 2);

        //random image from array

        //name of image for alt text

        //print associated Text
        echo &quot;<p><b>$name</b></p>";

        //read in the file if it exists

        if(file_exists(WB_PATH.$dir . '/' . "$name" . ".txt"))
                $myfile=file(WB_PATH.$dir . '/' . "$name" . ".txt");
                echo '<p>';

                foreach ($myfile as $val)
                  echo "$val ";
                echo '</p>';

        //image dimensions
        $dimensions = GetImageSize(WB_URL.$dir.'/'.$image);
        echo '<img src="'.WB_URL.$dir.'/'.$image.'" alt="'.$name.' image" />';

One Response to websitebaker module: Random pic with text

  1. mopey says:

    I opted with my newer wordpress site to just use picasa for images. It makes management a bit easier – though I do miss the random ones.

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