rdp over ssh into your office box

My girlfriend’s company allows her to telecomute, but $AWESOME_COMPUTER_GUY is using XAUTH authentication vpn to rdp to their server, and from there to rdp again to her desktop.  Brigette had the good idea to use some sort of version control, but that’s not happening “nobody uses that”. She’s trying to telecomute from her Home box to her hard-to-access work box.

Anyway, here’s my idea to speed up rdp.  She may or may not try it, but I thought I’d write it out. It probably will work, and should work no matter what crap is in your way, as long as you have internet egress access you should be able to reverse tunnel out.

  1. Setup sshd server from home
  2. From work, get putty.

Go to the ssh->tunneling tab and enter the remote and Accept Connections from other hosts. Enter your ip information. It should look like the following.

Then click add.

Refer to http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.60/htmldoc/Chapter3.html#using-port-forwarding for more information

You may also want to add compresssion, probably depending on the computer power you have available vs your bandwidth.  This is available in the ssh section.

Now connect to your home box.  Leave this connection on, as you need it to connect back in.  Idiot note: be sure you have rdp enabled properly.

3.  From Home, get an rdp client.  Now connect to localhost->port you selected above.  In our case it was 3389.  This is now forwarded to your work box (hopefully).

Now I don’t know if she’ll use this or not, but at least it’s nice to have better (if not great) solutions to try.