wargames reverseme

Defcon 16 was a lot of fun.  There were a lot of fun challenges, but my favorite was probably the wargames revereme in open capture the flag.

You can download the binary here.  Be careful, it can erase you hd.

It is an elf binary, and it runs fine on Linux.  I ran in a (snapshotted) vm to hopefully mitigate some of the nasty things it could do – which luckily it did. It is packed with upx, which i found with strings, so first thing i unpacked it with upx-ucl.  From there, I backtraced it with IDA and found the correct path for the key (which is thermonuclear war -> US -> St. Petersberg run as root).  It then prints out the key before erasing your hd (more specifically your boot sector), so I put a breakpoint at the end to stop this from happening.

Anyway, this is a fun challenge.  good luck!