Auto Pw Change

I had to change this script a lot, so take with a grain of salt. That said, we changed about 1000 LOCAL passwords in a couple hours – which would have really taken all day and been more boring.


import pexpect

#most likely should be first for speed
passlist = ["pass1", "pass2", "pass3"]
#most critical should be listed in file first for speed

#open hosts file
hostfile=open("hosts.txt", "r")

for host in hostfile:
  host = host.strip()
  changeSuccesful = False
  #need to find the currpass to change it
  #so auth by key may not be ideal in this case
  p = pexpect.spawn("ssh " + user + "@" + host + " passwd"
  #try block so it doesn't crash the program
    #different systmes vary with exact text
    conn_result = p.expect(["assword:", pexpect.EOF, "Are you sure you want to continue"])
    if conn_result == 2:
      print "accepting public key for ", host
      conn_result = p.expect(["assword:", pexpect.EOF])
    if conn_result == 0:
      for password in passlist:
        print "tryin password for ", host
        pass_result = p.expect(["denied", "current.*assword:", "new.*assword", pexpect.EOF])
        if pass_result == 1:
        #this should execute if a key OR password was accepted
        if pass_result == 1 or pass_result == 2:
          changeSuccesful = True
          print "Succesful pwchange: host "+ host 
    if not changeSuccesful:
      print "UnSuccesful pwchange: host "+ host 
    print "Uncaught exception: host "+ host 

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