Paper fun: Concerns with Time-Space Based Wireless Security

I’m presenting this at worlcomp this year.


Wireless ad-hoc network protocols are a  topic of much recent discussion and development. This has prompted many researchers to develop interesting and promising-sounding protocols that should be considered and examined. One such protocol, Authenticated Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (APEC), was designed by Robert Hiromoto and Hope Forsmann[1]. APEC has been the subject of an increasing amount of scientific discussion and research around Universities, Laboratories, and professional conferences. In this paper, we examine APEC in depth and discuss many potential problems with the protocol that must be addressed if APEC is achieve widespread acceptance.

Paper: probelm_with_time_0.7

One Response to Paper fun: Concerns with Time-Space Based Wireless Security

  1. mopey says:

    This actually isn’t the final version of the paper, but I can’t for the life of me remember where the final version is. When I find it I’ll post an update.

    On the bright side, this is fairly .6 is fairly close to the final version :)

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