GPG Cheat Sheet

The gnu Privacy handbook has a ton of useful information, but I thought I’d make a quick reference for the gpg usage I use most. Especially because I was just an idiot and lost my gpg private key (though I do remember the passphrase) – this time there will be a backup!

List all keys

gpg –list-keys

print key to a file (mypublickey) – <keyid> is listed when you do list-keys

gpg -ao mypublickey.key –export <keyid>

show secret keys

gpg –list-secret-keys

backup secret keys

gpg -a –export-secret-keys <keyid> | gpg-aco myprivatkeyfile.key.gpg

Restoring the key

gpg –import {keyfile}

Restore an encrypted key

gpg –decrypt {privatekeyfile} | gpg –import

Sign a file

gpg –output doc.sig –sign doc

verify signature

gpg –output mydoc –decrypt doc.sig

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