RTOS and the Parallax Propeller

This is an entry including a final project for CS504.


In CS 504:Real Time Operating Systems, the class built a functional Real Time Operating system based on the UIK API. In my implementation, I heavily relied on the source code of FreeRTOS. The process focused primarily on demonstrating the atmel processor, multitasking, and basic interprocess communication, which are fundamental parts of an RTOS.

In this project, the same problems are achieved with a very different architecture. Namely, all the first programming projects – generating a sound wave, counting LEDs, timing how long buttons were pressed, and handling hardware events – were programmed similarly and multi-tasked on the propeller chip. This project included interfacing with the ntsc and peripheral drivers, writing a sound driver, learning spin and propeller assembly, and comprehending the propeller architecture.





Demo and RTOS Report

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