md5check directories

This is a python script that recursively md5sums all the files in your directory and compares it with another directory.  It is similar, and probably less good than

find /dirone -type f -print0 | md5sum

but this was coded to check if the directory structure copied cleanly to a *windows* box.  It seems to work ok.  TODO: only read line by line if file is over a certain size, else read line by line like it does now.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import os, sys, getopt
from Crypto.Hash import MD5
from Crypto.Hash import SHA

def usage():
  print """
    compares topdir1 to topdir2 using a hash algorithm

  USAGE -h 
      prints this message topdir1 topdir2 [sha1|md5]


def sumcont(hasharg, dirname, fnames):
  for file in fnames:
      myfile = open(os.path.join(dirname, file))
      for i in myfile.readlines():
  print "*",

if len(sys.argv) 3:
  if sys.argv[3].lower() == 'sha1':
    print "HASH ALGORITHM: sha1"
    md5_1 =
    md5_2 =
    print "HASH ALGORITHM: md5"
  print "HASH ALGORITHM: md5"

os.path.walk(sys.argv[1], sumcont, md5_1)
os.path.walk(sys.argv[2], sumcont, md5_2)
print 'n'
print 'First  dir (',sys.argv[1],') hash : n', md5_1.hexdigest()
print 'Second dir (',sys.argv[2],') hash : n', md5_1.hexdigest()

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