Hanging mount (not the way you like it)

Symptom: trying

$ mount -t nfs /whatever

is just hanging there.

Troubleshooting: rpcinfo -p servername is fast and responsive. A lot of times when rpc fails nfs will fall on a backup protocol that is fairly slow. With rpcinfo -p, you can rule this out as being your problem.

portmapper is running. According to lord google, this has been the cause of the problem many a time. Not my problem though.

The server logs don’t say crapola.

What do you do?

Solution: You may just have bad syntax. Try

$ mount -t nfs /whatever/

Yes, this took me hours to figure out. Stupid slash.

From #islug (I kept the last bit because I like to talk about fscking whenever I get a chance).

<mop> Have you ever spent all day stressed out about a problem, then you figure out that it’s all just because you left a trailing front slash?
<mop> Reminds me of my first days programming and missing semi-colons, the bastards.
<twinprism> yes. :)
<TomHung> echo $iknowyourfeeling
<bradmw> mop: what language?
<mop> Today: just mounting an nfs file share (around 2 hours debugging to find out its because I mounted /whatever instead of /whatever/)
<mop> Back in the day: C
<bradmw> does linux have a scandisk type program to check floppies for bad sectors?
<mop> you can fsck a floppy
<mop> just like an apple pie
* TomHung <= fsck up
<bradmw> let me unmount my sheep first
<mop> common mistake. umount.
<mop> ;)
<TomHung> mount /dev/usb /home/sheep

Believe it or not I’ve done basically the same thing with grep -R…

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